Designing a brand & infrastructure for a global start-up

Adspur is a asset management website specifically created to streamline the submission of work from agencies into creatives and customisable calendar of advertising award shows, to selectively following and keep track of advertising awards dates.



Working closely with the Managing Director as the lead designer, on the interface of back end site and high fidelity mockups of the internal site, marketing collateral and brand. I spent most of my time prototyping and iterations to discover new requirements and pushing different UI elements to create a better user experience and brand prospection. My focus was to ensure design is led by function, as well as focusing in all the details for an unobstructive, long lasting and thorough interface design. 


"Cara was the sole designer for my company, Adspur, and brought not only an excellent work ethic to the position, but her personality and enthusiasm for the project shone through in the work she produced. It was quite a unique situation for a large period of time as it became design focused for roughly 4 months before any development could take place... Cara took that opportunity to really take apart the requirements and produce above and beyond what was requested."

Colin Avery, Co-Founder / Managing Director of Adspur

Orginal Website design

Previous website design



Wireframes, UI and visual designs for Adspurs online creative awards show calendar and
entry management portal.

  • Giving awards a platform to push their own branding

imagery coming soon


Adspur logotype

My approach was to develop a colour palette and clean identity that would be readable when set to small dimensions online. The logo is designed with subtly rounded stems and corners that make it visible at smaller sizes. A visual adjustment was positioned, to retain the break between two syllables: ad – spur.

Visual look of the logotype design for adspur 

Details and crediting

Date 2013

Role  Lead UI at Thoughtbubble / Adspur
Client  Adspur